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Fluorosilicic Acid Information Pack

Fluorosilicic Acid Safety Data

date 6 September 2011 18:03
subject A nasty surprise in the localism bill
hide details 6 Sep (4 days ago)

Dear Sir / Madam,

I write to bring your attention to a change buried in
the Localism Bill which is expected to be rubber stamped after a
typically inadequate debate in Parliament this week.

The issue is one of the transfer of liability from central government
to local government with regard to the ongoing fluoridation
(medicating without consent) of the water supply in this area.

The legal issues and implications are set out on the website  “UK
Councils Against Fluoridation” under the heading “Fluoridation sneaked
into our homes by the back door”

excerpt from

The Health and Social Care Bill will force Councils to fluoridate
water supplies – and then charge the public for disfiguring their

Councils in England are about to be dragged into a minefield over the
controversial practice of water fluoridation. The Health and Social
Care Bill is due to be finalised and passed into law by Parliament
this week. Buried deep within it are little-noticed provisions that
will, if endorsed by our dozy MPs, allow the Dept of Health to force
Councils to put into practice its hated policy of nation-wide

Localism – but not as we know it!
The 450 pages of this vast Bill are due to be nodded through without
further detailed debate over a derisory two days in the coming week.
And they contain appalling new fluoridation provisions that the
pro-fluoridation lobby has surreptitiously sneaked into the heart of
this legislation.

If the fluoridation provisions in this Bill are allowed to pass into
law unchallenged, then in the coming months ‘Upper Tier’ Local
Authorities will face an rising storm of protest, as people begin to
appreciate just what an abomination Parliament has permitted the
fluoride pushers to get away with in their insane obsession with
dosing our children with toxic chemicals. Make no mistake about this –
the coming furore will dwarf all past battles over the public sector’s
support for the dental profession’s insane obsession with fluoride.

And at a stroke, this manipulative Parliament will have transferred
public revulsion for its love-affair with this practice away from
Central Government and onto our local Administrations. By making our
Councils ‘responsible for fluoridation’, our masters’ plot and scheme
in the hope that this will divert public outrage against its back-door
imposition of unavoidable, unwanted, and ineffective mass medication.
:-excerpt ends

In terms of the dubious case that has been made for the addition of
the contaminated industrial waste fluorosilicic acid into the water
supply. The science and the facts do not support this crime which
amounts to mass medication without consent and systematic deliberate
mass poisoning.

Despite contrary assurances from the PCT the fluorosilicic acid used
in the Redditch area and others is not “medical grade” it is
industrial waste scrubbed from the chimney of some fertiliser plant in
europe and imported by a chemical company called Yara. Contaminants
include but are not limited to lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium and
cadmium all of which are dangerous cumulative poisons that build up in
the body over time. Fluoride is also a cumulative poison.
Approximately  50% of the fluoride consumed remains within your body.
Imagine the effects of that witches brew over a lifetime. It is
illegal to dispose of fluoride into the environment due to its high
toxicity and damaging effects but it seems that the powers that be
determine it to be safe for us to drink or dump into the environment
via our taps.

Disposal of this waste product other than via human consumption is I
am informed very expensive. Please see the attached Fluorosilicic Acid
Information Pack document which the supplier Yara UK reluctantly
supplied to me after much persistence. Interestingly they refused
point blank to provide the safety data sheet. I have attached a
comparable document from another supplier who were more forthcoming
take note of the precautions required in order to handle this
chemical. Also of note is that the water undertaker Severn Trent have
failed to respond to any enquiries in this matter and that the soon to
be defunct PCT are in a state of denial on this issue and are
misleading the public on fluoride related issues.

The fluorosilicic acid regularly transported through our community
being delivered to the water treatment works is very very dangerous in
its concentrated form and presents a serious hazard especially in the
event of a road accident or spillage. It is quite possible that a mass
casualty event may occur in such circumstances. Also of interest is
that the police have orders to send an armed response team in the
event of intruders at the treatment works, the dangerous nature of
fluoride and the potential for serious harm is partly the reason for

The medical profession ( PCT ) and bought and paid for pro fluoride
lobbyists argue that fluoride is added to the water to reduce dental
caries in children aged between 5 and 16 years old. The basis for this
is that a topical application of fluoride to teeth strengthens them.
Think about that, “topical” means fluoride is only of benefit when in
contact with the victims teeth for a brief period whilst drinking or
possibly whilst brushing teeth. Does that make any sense ? Once
consumed and circulating through the body there is no benefit at all
to teeth if fact quite the opposite is the case. Assuming the dubious
case for beneficial fluoride to be true, would it not make more sense
and be more cost effective for the fluoride to be administered to the
specific demographic group via fluoride tablets or mouthwash both of
which have been available for many years. As things stand in Redditch
the entire population is being medicated without their consent with
this toxin which is only intended for children.

Statistics from the UK and abroad where the addition of fluoride is
either not allowed or illegal do not support the case for
fluoridation. The statistics for dental caries being much the same if
not better from non fluoridated areas.

When prescribing a medicine one of the most important things is
dosage. As all water is medicated with fluoride there is no reliable
way of measuring, monitoring or determining dose which renders any
study or research in the area void and makes any statistics
inaccurate. Additionally some people may be using other dental
products containing fluoride compounds which are equally harmful thus
adding to the dose. As a result many people will be overdosing on
fluoride the most obvious visible sign of which is the discolouration,
mottling or crumbling of teeth. Something which is becoming
increasingly commonplace and will likely be the source of legal action
seeking compensation with regard to dental fluorosis in the future.

Fluoridation of the water supply has been linked to but is not
restricted to the following medical problems.

1) Reduced fertility
2) Kidney problems
3) Osteoporosis
4) Reduced IQ in children
5) Gastric problems
6) Tiredness and lethargy
7) Joint and muscular aches and pains
8) Neurological problems
9) Thyroid problems
10)Hormonal Imbalances
11)Changes in the age at which sexual maturity occurs
12)Allergic reactions

In europe only England and Ireland fluoridate the water supply.
Millions of people are against it and we are being ignored. This
situation is not acceptable.

Nationally fluoridation of the water supply is expensive and
unnecessary these costs could be saved.

Please be aware that I have only scratched at the surface in terms of
legal and health concerns regarding fluoridation in this
correspondence, however I would be happy to provide further
information or advice on this matter if required. I can be contacted
via the email address

Good primers on this subject  can be found here.

Is fluoride in UK drinking water safe?

Short investigation into the UK governments assertion that fluoride is
acceptable to be added to the nations drinking supply. A few phone
calls quickly ascertains that the report they use to back up their
claims actually disagrees with the government interpretation.

The Fluoride Deception

In this video, award-winning journalist Christopher Bryson examines
“one of the great secret narratives of the industrial era; how a grim
workplace poison and the most damaging environmental pollutant of the
cold war was added to our drinking water and toothpaste.”

I can also recommend this website

sincerely redditchfluoride

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date 6 September 2011 18:03
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